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The Independent Order Of Odd Fellows Lodge Directory is a publicly accessible directory designed to provide easy access to all our lodges and created to elevate each lodge's presence and bolster membership! The IOOF Lodge Directory provides a simple and effective way to showcase your lodge's unique character to the world. Please watch our welcome video to learn more.

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About Us

The Independent Order Of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a fraternal organization founded in England in the 1600s.  At that time people in society were class-conscious and few helped their neighbors.  When people got sick or their loved ones died, they were left to fend for themselves.  Many didn’t have enough money to bury their dead. The Odd Fellows stepped up and pooled their money and resources together to help people in need.  Since this attitude was converse to how society thought at the time, they considered themselves “odd” — thus the name. Currently, we have more than 3000 lodges and are one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal orders.


Stay up-to-date and well-informed with I.O.O.F. News. This publication offers six bi-monthly issues that cover news from the International, Jurisdictional, and Local Levels of Odd Fellowship. Alongside informative articles, it also provides program materials and inspirational content. For easy access to both current and past issues, visit the IOOF News page.

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