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Lodge Type: Canton

Colorado - Patriarchs Militant
1756 Lansing St., , , , 80010-2522

The Patriarchs Militant is the uniformed branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, established in 1885. It represents the highest degree within the IOOF, focusing on ceremonial and fraternal activities. Patriarchs Militant lodges are referred to as Cantons. Sometimes the Patriarchs Militant is referred to as “the Canton”, due to the Canton being the name used instead of “Lodge”.

Category Colorado
Columbia Canton #3
600 N Curtis Road, , , , 83706

Category Idaho
Fort Worth-Arlington #44 Canton PM
1501 Hemphill St., , , , 76104

One of the largest and most active Cantons in Texas. We support multiple charities and strive for personal betterment.

Category Texas
Raleigh Canton #2 PM
9309 Fairbanks Drive, , , , 27613

The Canton, also known as the Patriarch Militants (PM), is the highest branch in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Membership is open to an Encampment member who has attained the Royal Purple Degree. The name “Patriarchs Mili¬tant” conveys the two-fold idea of peace and soldierly valor. This branch is semi-military in character and formed solely for the purposes of chivalric display Members are admirably fulfilling its mission through the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” dedication ceremonies h ...

Category North Carolina
Tom Devere Canton PM #5
11662 AR-95 W, , , , 72141

Category Arkansas